Ministry Autonomy

Anchor of Light Ministries is an autonomous Christian Ministry which is legally registered with the UGANDA REGISTRATION SERVICES BUREAU under the Registration No: 80020002945114 and now, its governance is vested in its members through its appointed Alim Facilitating Arms and not subject to the control of any other Ecclesiastical or Ministry body.
However, we recognize the benefits of affiliation / cooperation with other Christian Churches and / or Ministries with similar doctrines and objective; the terms of such partnership will be regulated by the General Assembly and / or the Board of Directors from time to time.
The leadership of ALIM is vested in its members.
i) The membership of ALIM retain unto itself the right of exclusive self-management in all phases of its life and organization.
ii) ALIM government recognizes the needs for mutual management and cooperation.
iii) ALIM top management cooperates with and mutually works with other Evangelistic Ministries.
iv) ALIM top management is the mother of all activities.

                                                                                                                 TOP MANAGEMENT
The top management of ALIM consists of three entities – the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Executive Director / Senior Pastor.

a) The Board of Directors are constituted by the initial promoters / subscribers of the ministry.
b) Council of Elders are also represented on the Board of Directors.
c) The Board of Directors are the chief policy making body of ALIM and with executive powers to make decisions and take such steps in the best interest of this Ministry.

a) The Founder through the General Secretary plans and organizes quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD) at such time, place and date as determined.
b) The Board of Directors are the Chief Policy making organ of this Ministry, and are convened to discuss but not be limited to the following; –
i) To give guidelines and direct the entire management affairs especially the General Council of Elders and the Special committees of the ministry as to the manner in which they should perform their duties in conformity with the articles and the laws of country.
ii) The Board of Directors (BOD) ensures that all ratified resolutions / recommendations of the General Assembly are judiciously and adequately implemented through the various management organs of this ministry.
iii) Has the executive power to enter into partnership, programs with any other entity for any purposes that it thinks beneficial to and to take such decisions on behalf of this ministry.
iv) The Board of Directors (BOD) plans and organizes timely Annual General Assembly (AGA), Prepare annual General and ensure that ministry’s accounts are audited and report of the same is prepared and presented to the General Assembly.
v) The Board of Directors (BOD) have the power to appoint members to any management body and / or organ of and their major roles constitute the management body of the ministry responsible for day-to-day operations of the same.
vi) The Board of Directors (BOD) have the power to dissolve any organ / committee that it has proved beyond reasonable doubts to be entire incompetent and principally corrupted in manners of discharging its obligations.


Executive Director / Vision Bearer
i) The Founder / Executive Director herein referred to as the Senior Pastor is the executive head of this organization and all its projects, and to whom the entire working management of the ministry is responsible.
ii) The Founder / Executive Director unless prevented by any sufficient cause preside over all General Assemblies / Meetings of the ministry / church including the meetings of the Board of Directors.
iii) The Founder / Executive Director in a properly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors appoints the ministry’s management organ known as the General Council of Elders and other committees e.g., Disciplinary and Doctrine / Finance, etc. whose members shall be persons with sufficient skills / experience in that particular specialization / area for effective management of the ministry’s affairs.
iv) The Founder / Executive Director is the legal head and effective representative and / or coordinator of this ministry to governments at local and international levels, foreign / diplomatic missions, international and local organizations.
v) The Founder / Executive Director has got the power to assign his deputy or appoint and assign any person whom he believes has sufficient expertise and experience to effectively represent him / ministry at both local and internal levels.
vi) The Founder in a well constituted meeting of the Board of Directors exercises all powers over all the organs of the ministry and may dissolve such organs if it believes such organs are becoming detrimental to the ministry and report such dissolution to the next earliest general assembly.
vii) The Deputy Founder / Executive Director in the absence, incapacity and / or illness of the Executive Director shall assume all his/her duties and exercise all powers of the Executive Director for general wellbeing of the ALIM.
viii) The Founder / Executive Director and his / her assistant hold their offices as long as they live save through willful resignation / retirement or when they become insane and / or upon death.

The Deputy Executive Director / Founder

The Deputy Executive Director deputizes the Executive Director and performs all duties assign to him / her by the Executive Director, the Board and the General Assembly respectively.

Program Director

i) The Board of Directors appoints a Program Director who responds the day-to-day operations and / or management of the ministry.
ii) Program Director is the effective head of ALIM’s Administration and Alim Facilitating Arms and will chair all its meetings.
iii) Program Director plans and coordinates all the operations of ALIM.
iv) Ensures that all resolutions passed by the general assembly, board of directors and the council of elders are implemented promptly and effectively.
v) Ensures that personnel are trained, developed and motivated so as to have a team of highly proficient and reliable human capital.
vi) Performs any such duties assigned to him / her by the Board of Directors and / or General Assembly respectively.


i) The Ministry shall have a secretary and his / her deputy appointed by the Board of Directors.
ii) The Ministry Secretary manages all company’s correspondences in accordance to the guidelines given to him by the Board of Directors / the Founder.
iii) The Secretary issues notice in consultation with the Founder Board of Directors convening the Annual General Assembly and Board Meetings respectively and shall be responsible for recording and keeping minutes of all such meetings.
iv) The Deputy Secretary in the absence of the general secretary perform all his /her duties and any other responsibility that will be assigning to him / her by the Board of Directors / Founder respectively.

The Treasurer

i) The Treasurer appointed by the Board of Directors on behalf of the ministry receive all monies paid in to the company, and in accordance to the financial policies of the company or such regulations set herein, or as it may be determined by the General Meeting from time to time disburse the said funds for legitimate purposes.
ii) The Treasurer keeps proper books of accounts in respect to all monies received and paid out by the company and such records made available for auditors, government, donors, community leaders, and such authorities approved or authorized by the company to access.
iii) The Treasurer shall have a deputy whose work shall be to carry out all his / her duties in absence, incapacity or upon delegation by the Board or the treasurer and the General Meeting respectively.
iv) The Treasure shall be the finance officer of the ministry / company and shall be responsible for ensuring that financial policies and regulations of the company are adhered to.
v) The Treasurer appointed by the Board of Directors shall be the Chairperson of finance / budget committee of the church if any and to whom all the account personnel are responsible.


The Board of Directors and the Executive Director / Senior Pastor may be assisted by advisors. These advisors are optional, but are useful to create a good image of ALIM, and enhance its “brand name” besides providing specialist advice for the ministry.
i) The advisory board shall be one of the boards of ALIM.
ii) This board of advisors shall comprise mature ministers of the gospel who are full of wisdom and understanding.
iii) Members of the advisory board shall have no powers to decide upon the issues of the ministry, but shall just advise.
iv) The board of advisors shall have no voting powers, but shall be invited to attend some meetings as may deem necessary.

a) Other Board Members
i) Board of Directors shall admit a representative of the General Council of Elders who will be eligible member of the Board and his or her sole responsibility shall be an advisory role as well as to present reports, and other concerns of the church elders to the BOD.
ii) The Board of Directors shall appoint other independent members from the founder members’ Board, or from within or outside the congregation of ALIM to play expert advisory roles to the Board as to how it can effectively administer God’s work in today’s contemporary world and such members must be persons of undisputed reputation in the society.


a) The General Assembly of the ministry is constituted by its full membership.
b) The Annual General Assembly (AGA) is the supreme organ of the ministry.
c) The General Assembly meets once in every calendar year at such time not exceeding fifteen (15) months after the holding of the last preceding general assembly at such a place as may be determined by the Board of Directors.
d) All general Assemblies (Meetings) other than Annual General Assembly (Meeting) shall be called extra Ordinary or Special General Assembly/ Meeting (SGA).
e) The Board of Directors whenever it thinks expedient convenes a Special General Assembly (SGA) to deliberate on business or issues that requires urgent address.
f) An advance notice calling for the Annual General Assembly / Meeting accompanied by annual statement (s) of accounts, and the agenda for the assembly / meeting shall have to be sent by the Company Secretary to all members not less than 21 days prior to the assembly date.


a) The Annual General Assembly / Meetings and all special general meetings shall be presided over and / or chaired by the Founder / Senior Pastor unless prevented by any sufficient cause, in event that the Founder is unable to preside over the meeting, his / her deputy shall assume the responsibility to chair the meeting.
b) In the absence of both officers, any member of the Board of Directors may be appointed by the members present to chair the assembly / meeting.
c) The votes at the Annual General Assembly shall be determined by ballots or show of hands and / or both, or in such manner as may be determined by the Board of Directors.
d) In the event of a tie in vote with the consent of the meeting the Founder shall be allowed to cast the second vote to determine the final decision.
e) A quorum for the Annual General Assembly (AGA) and other subsequent general assemblies or meetings shall be 2/3 of the total membership of the company / ministry.
f) If within half an hour from the time appointed for the assembly / meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week, at the same time and venue, and if at the reconvened meeting a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting the members present shall be a quorum.
g) All resolutions passed at the Annual General Assembly and any subsequent General Assembly / Meeting shall not be effective and / or implemented unless ratified by the Board of Directors in a separate resolution and endorsed by the Founder / Senior Pastor.


a) To elect and / appoint new members to fill vacant offices on the General Council of Elders and Special Committees of the Ministry.
b) To approve proposed budgets, draft policies, projects and concept papers, by-laws, guidelines and regulations deemed expedient and in the interest of the church / ministry.
c) To advice the Board of Directors (BOD) on how to properly manage the affairs of the company / ministry and discharge their functions within the frames of law and in the best interest of the ministry.
d) To discuss and analyze audit and general operational reports for ending financial year and give due recommendations that will help avoid making the ministry susceptible to financial fraud and staff malpractices to the Board of Directors specifying disciplinary actions to be undertaken in an event of proven malpractices and / or abuse of office, assets and resources of the company by any officer.
e) To appoint new company auditors to assume office in event of willful resignation, termination, expiry of term and / or death for such legal tenure provided for in these articles.
f) To provide general guidance and evaluation of all ministry’s projects / activities.
g) To give recommendations aimed at improving the same.
h) Note: The members of the Board of Directors who are initial subscribers and / or promoters of the ministry shall not be subject to election / appointment and termination by the General Assembly save the other Board members whose major role shall be to provide expert advice to the Board thus providing effective leadership for the Ministry.

                                                                                                                         STAFF MEMBERS
Staff members of ALIM are responsible for the day-to-day functioning, and implementing of its programs and projects. They report to the Program Director, who overall is responsible for the ministry’s activities as an Administrative Secretary. Staff members of ALIM fall into three groups – responsible for activities related to; i) administration, ii) publicity and iii) programs / projects.

i) Administrative Activities (Administration)
Administration Activities shall be led by an administrative manager. This manager has several staff members assisting him/her, including a Finance Assistant or a Membership Coordinator. Besides the financial management of ALIM, a Finance Assistant may also be responsible for fund-raising activities of ALIM. This means that he/she will have to work closely with the staff members responsible for communications and dissemination, as well as those responsible for ALIM FACILITATING ARMS. In case the ministry grown larger, this fund-raising responsibility may fall under a separate position specifically set up for the purpose. The membership coordinator manages ALIM members, membership fees, customer relations etc.

ii) Communications and dissemination activities (Publicity)Communications and dissemination activities are the responsibility of a staff member at the level of a manager. This manager may be assisted by other staff members such as a Public Relations Assistant, a Publications Assistant, or a Web/Social Media Assistant. The Public Relations assistant works closely with both the Finance Assistant and Membership Coordinator on one hand, and the Program Manager on the other, to publicize its activities and build a “brand name” for ALIM. Similarly, the publications assistant will have to work with the public relations and web/social media assistant in order to make sure the ministry’s publications are disseminated widely and in a timely manner.

iii) Programs and Projects for Alim Facilitating Arms (AFAs)
Program and Projects of ALIM shall be, and fall under any of the six (6) Alim Facilitating Arms (AFAs) will be led by a minister titled Overseeing Minister of ALIM (OMA) in charge of…; This is, of course, the biggest part of Alim Facilitating Arms which does run different ministerial project and activities hence forms its structural core.
Overseeing Minister of ALIM (OMA) may be assisted by; Implementing Staff Ministers (ISMs), Training Assistants (TAs), and other Support Staff Ministers (SSMs), depending on the number and size of the projects / activities being implemented. Short-term external consultants, who provide specific services for projects, or field staff who are hired to implement projects in the target community, also fall under this section.


ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES realizes her objectives through its stipulated facilitating arms and these arms work connectively and collectively to enhance the achievement of the main goal of why ALIM is instituted.

ALIM shall be dedicated to total wiping away tears from the eyes of men through intensively building Holistically Established, Transformed and Empowered Christian Communities Worldwide through her six (6) distinct major Facilitating Arms of the ministry that will operate Inter-connectively and Collectively in order to achieve her common goal and the vision of drawing many souls to SALVATION found in our LORD Jesus Christ.

ALIM shall be the umbrella ministry of all interconnected Facilitating Arms of Alim (AFAs) and all the activities done by these AFAs.
All the six (6) Overseeing Ministers of ALIM (OMA) are spearheaded and lead by its Executive Director / Senior Pastor who is also the Vision bearer of the Ministry (ALIM). However, Alim Facilitating Arms (AFAs) will operate under distinct administrative leadership departments each playing to fulfill the goal of ALIM wherever the AFA organ shall be established.

There shall be six (6) Overseeing Ministers of ALIM (OMA) and each minister will be heading a department of Alim Facilitating Arm (AFA).
a) The first OMA to the Alim Facilitating Arms shall be directly appointed by the Founding Director of ALIM.
b) The Board of Directors there after shall help to approve and appoint the qualified Staff Minister ready to work under the leadership of any Facilitating Arms of ALIM.
c) Every OMA shall be responsible for the following duties: –
i) Demonstrate commitment to the lordship of Jesus Christ.
ii) To protect and support the vision of ALIM.
iii) Establishing efficient structures and management.
iv) To be loyal to the overseeing board of ALIM as their supreme head and submit
to the Program Director who is also the Administrative Secretary for ALIM.
v) To be the source of LIGHT that gives a good example to the entire membership of ALIM.
vi) To support Alim Facilitating Arms’ targets / priorities and constantly praying for her vision realization.
vii) To help in carrying out administrative issues and recommending people were necessary.
d) The OMA upon being approved and appointed by the Board of Directors of ALIM to serve as OMA shall by this provision be approved after six (6) months’ probation in service.
e) An approved appointment for the OMA shall have two (2) years’ work contract.


a) There shall be different ISMs in each Alim Facilitating Arms (AFA) serving under and helping OMA fulfill the goal and objectives of ALIM.
b) Alim Facilitating Arms shall have different activities running under her and ISMs shall be an implementing staff.
c) Every ISM shall be appointed by the overseeing board (BOD) and approved through a written document.
W have got a variety of different TAs in each of the Alim Facilitating Arms (AFA) to train / equip and serve under the Overseeing Minister of Alim to fulfill the goal and objectives of ALIM.


All other Supporting Staff Ministers (SSMs) are volunteers; however, specific allowances are allocated were necessary as determined by the Board of Directors of ALIM.

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