Ministerial Cycle

We are committed and dedicated to the mission of evangelization to the unreached people groups in all communities within and across borders to carry out cross-cultural missions as we connect with the indigenous leaders of those communities, therefore we call upon any individual, churches and other groups of people that have got passion for the gospel to invite us by sending an e-mail to so we can Evangelize, Disciple and Train Leaders of different capacity in your community as well as to plant a local Church when deem necessary.


                                                ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES OPERATE ITS LIFE SPAN TO THIS LIFE CYCLE BELOW:


PHASE ONE: Evangelism
The local ministry is obliged to carryout evangelism in its area of locality in order to turn many souls to Christ Jesus. The ministry leadership shall use various evangelistic approaches to ensure that the Gospel is preached to many people as much as possible.

PHASE TWO: Church Planting
After evangelism has been carried out, the Local Community Church of ALIM called Alim Light Church (ALIC) shall be established when need be to ensure that discipleship of the new converts is done and this shall be home for the local Christians hence, 1) to help the members to Fellowship, Worship, Serve God and others in the body of Christ. 2) The church will aim at making the people to have the sense of ownership and belonging into the family of Christians in the local community.

PHASE THREE: Discipleship
Our ministry leadership ensures that the Christians are discipled into spiritual maturity through intensive teaching of Spiritual Disciplines found in fundamental Christian doctrine and Harmonious living with Creation. Therefore, several discipleship strategies are implemented hence all Christians understands and practice Essential Christian Discipline for a harmonious living.

PHASE FOUR: Holistic Leadership Development
We grow the members of our community to be vertical ministers and servant leaders who serve both in the church and in the community. We as ALIM do help our members to realize their unique spiritual gifts, callings and talents, then by allowing them have the opportunity to service within and without the church develops one’s capabilities. The church members are internally trained and externally equipped for the service.

PHASE FIVE: Community Development
ALIM ensures that the community in which she operates in is holistically impacted and through this positive impact, our ministry will then influence people to come to Christ.

ALIM Local Church (Alim Light Church) will therefore ensure holistic pastoral care is availed to her Christian members which then in turn is implemented even to the community. ALIM exists to exclusively provide the Spiritual support, Economic, Psycho-socio and Physical needs of its community members.

NB: If you feel like the LORD is leading you to invite us to your community, contact us on