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Membership and Qualifications
a) Our membership is open to all persons of sound mind, law abiding and willing to meet and abide by the requirements stipulated below;
i) He/she must subscribe to the tenets and / or statement of faith of our ministry.
ii) Must have confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Savior.
iii) Must exhibit a lifestyle that is consistent with Christian conduct, doctrine, one who seeks holiness and practices the word of God in every area of life.
iv) Be an accountable member of ALIM FRONTIER MEMBERS CELL GROUP and regular attendee of general worship services of the Local Community Church.
v) Must be willing to practically demonstrate his / her support for the Church through Prayer, Financial aid, personal Witnessing and participates in Voluntary programs and projects of the Church.
vi) Subscribes to and willing to abide by the Memorandums and Articles of this ministry.
vii) One who does not subscribe to any subversive groups and, extremism doctrines, including LGBT fraternity and all associations whose practices are contrary to the Biblical Principles of true Christian faith.

Types of Membership

Anchor of Light Ministries shall have four types of membership and it includes; Founder Members, Associate Members, Honorary members, and Regular members.

Founder Members
i) Founder Members are herein ascribed to initial members who participated and supported the church at its conception.
ii) The membership of founder members, their rights, benefits and /or privileges is herein by this provision extended to the immediate members of their families and they shall include spouses, and children.
iii) The Founder (the vision bearer) shall by virtue of his divine calling and appointment remains the Executive Director of the Company / Church and the legal head of the ministry to whom all the working management and departments of the company shall be responsible.
iv) No organ of the company / organization shall have the right to terminate any of the founder members save the Board of Directors but in event of such termination, the ex-member may continue to earn full remuneration or half or in such a manner as shall be determined by the Founder Members Board.

Rights, Privileges & Duties of Founder Members
i) Founder members shall have the right to adequate representation on any church Committee / Elders’ Board with equal voting power like any other members.
ii) Founder members shall be responsible to provide to the church all necessary spiritual support, guidance and counsel alongside the vision bearer (Founder) with the goal of empowering the entire church to understand, embrace, and nature the vision entrusted with the Founder in order to consolidate all spiritual gifts, and different callings vested in individual members of Church for good of God’s kingdom and body of Christ.
iii) The founder member through their board may carry out such functions or duties which may be assigned to them by the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.
iv) Founder members are by provision of this article given life membership PROVIDED that they remained born-again and adhere to sound Christian doctrine. 
Associate Members
i) Associate membership shall be ascribed to other reputable ministries, companies, organizations who have expressed interest to enter into partnership / affiliation with ALIM for specific purposes for a given time frame upon fulfilling the terms and conditions for such membership.
ii) However, such partnership and / or affiliation shall not be limited to spiritual or church related programs only but will equally include such socioeconomic development and income generation programs and / or projects which the Board of Directors may deem beneficial to the church and the communities it serves.

Honorary Members
i) Honorary membership shall be ascribed to exceptional individuals for their immense contributions of any kind deemed to be very important to ALIM, its partners and/ or related ministries within and out.
ii) In addition to awarding honorary membership, the Board of Directors may also issue Certificate of Recognition and / or Appreciation to the same individuals for their contributions and achievements as stipulated above.
iii) However, the honorary membership under provided for in this article shall not have the voting power but has a right to attend the meeting and contribute to its proceedings as any other members.

Regular Members

i) The Regular members shall refer to any person who constitutes fellowships, congregates, or worships with any branch of Anchor of Light Church and is on the general registry of the Church.
ii) Ordinary members shall be issued with Membership Cards bearing specific numbers for purposes of identification and maintenance of easy contacts.

Duties, Obligations, Rights, and Privileges of Regular Members

i) To demonstrate their obedience to God and His word through faithful and regular payment of tithes and offerings to Anchor of Light Church main cathedral or any of its local (branch) Churches.
ii) Minister to one another’s spiritual and physical needs, and practice of the command of love and sharing among believers / brethren.
iii) Participate and maintain regular meetings / fellowships and all other church / congregational activities and services.
iv) Be a full and active member of a church home cell in his / her community.
v) Observe and / or adhere to memorandum and articles of ALIM and all its tenets of faith and maintain regular communications with the church leadership.
vi) To request for any such relevant information regarding the church operations and general states of affairs in a manner that shall be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.
vii) To receive the ministry of the word of God.
viii) To receive visits from the Pastor or Ministry representatives.
ix) To take part in all the activities of the Ministry.
x) To receive the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion Services).
xi) To receive prime consideration for any vacancy in the ministry PROVIDED that such a member has expressed interest by way of submitting a hand written application for a job to the relevant office which application shall be assessed and its fate determined based on qualifications and experience or in such a manner deemed proper by the Board of Directors.
xii) To attend all worship services of the congregation.
xiii) To attend, speak and participate at all businesses and meetings of the congregation.

Cessation of Membership

A member shall cease his/her membership in Anchor of Light Ministries upon: –
i) Death.
ii) Subscribing to another church membership save for associate and honorary members.
iii) Willful resignation.
iv) Verbal petition by a member before a well constituted Board of Directors.
v) Termination for any reason proved beyond reasonable doubts to have been committed by a member contrary to the tenets of Anchor of Light Ministries faith and detrimental to the Ministry.
vi) Failure to adhere to principles, beliefs and /or the creed, Bye-laws and articles of Anchor of Life Ministries.