Founders Profile

I am Pastor Okiror Samuel, born in the family of four (4) children and we alas grew up without parents for they had gone to be with the Lord at our very young age. Being raised up by my grandmother later on after have been in the hands of our uncle, I have toiled to rise up myself and partly my siblings amidst series of pain and suffering, unfortunately as per now we remained two of us still alive by the grace of God.

At the age of 14 years, this is when I started my salvation journey after accepting Jesus Christ to be my LORD and Savior, then later I got involved seriously in Christian Ministry hence being involved in Children and Youth ministry, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Discipleship and Leadership Development Training and Missionary Work.

Academically, I hold the following professional and ministerial qualifications: Bachelors of Theology, Diploma in Biblical Studies, Certificate in Christian Ministry and Certificate in Biblical Counseling. 

On 29th of May 2016 by God’s grace, I married my beloved wife Mrs. Naigaga Consolate Okiror and God has blessed us with children. My wife holds a bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies, Bachelors of Theology and Certificate in Biblical Counseling.

Pastors – Samuel & Consolate Okiror

Both my wife and I are engaged in serious Christian Ministry and by the grace of God, I am the Founder and the Senior Pastor of ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES. I embrace the vision of reaching out to all communities across the World in winning souls to Christ through exposition of a Christian character, advocating for harmonious living with fellow beings through holy scriptures and giving a helping hand to those in NEED as a pivotal means of showing COMPASSION and Gods LOVE to all mankind. It is for this reason why ALIM was birthed so as to reach out to many people through Holistic and diverse Integral Mission approaches in order to build Holistically Developed Communities around the Globe to.

I take this opportunity to make an open call and a big welcome to everyone who has loved to join my team or even to support us in any way possible during this course of winning souls unto the glory of God. For more information please you can contact me directly: –


Telephone: +256-758-896-220

WhatsApp: +256-778-515-765