The name of this Corporation is ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES and is abbreviated as “ALIM”. The HEAD QUARTERS of this Organization / Ministry is situated at the Capital of Kampala in the republic of Uganda; ALIM is an instituted and a recognized Evangelical Christian founded Organization / Ministry legally Registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) under Registration No: 80020002945114.

To Build Holistically Established, Transformed and Empowered Christian Communities Worldwide.

To raise Disciples of Christ and Christian Servant Leaders who will show COMPASSION as we draw many souls to SALVATION that is found in our LORD Christ Jesus.

Reaching out with the Gospel of COMPASSION and draw many people to salvation through ROUNDED and INTEGRAL Mission Approaches.

a) To carryout evangelistic missions to all areas of the World
b) To disciple those who have professed Christ Jesus to be their Lord and Savior in order to make them disciples and disciplers of others.
c) To establish / plant more Evangelical Community Local Churches to ensure Spiritual Growth and sustainability of the missionary work.
d) To facilitate Community Capacity Building in order to enhance self-reliance and community sustainability.
e) To Restore and Rehabilitate all people through biblical Counseling in order for them to realize their full and unique potential so they can be of usefulness to the World at large.
f) To Train Christian Ministers and Spiritual Leaders so that they adapt and integrate Sound Theological Practices in their course of ministry.
g) To develop Christian Values and Leadership Skills among Christians and Community local leaders with the aim of ensuring good leadership is exercised with expertise.
h) To promote Generational and Good Transitional Programs among Children and Youths through our Child development projects.
i) Establishing Income Generating Activities to better people’s lives
j) Establishing Social Infrastructure like schools, health centers, rehabilitation centers etc.

We have a vision to grow this Ministry to a membership of over 3 Million all over the world. As the Lord enlarges us, the Ministry seeks registration in other countries of Africa and Overseas, if and when deemed necessary by management.

ALIM aims at reaching out to various communities around the World To demonstrate the Character of the Holy Spirit by teaching the life of a new creation in Christ all over the World and enhance God’s mandate hence greatest commission of Jesus Christ as set forth in Matthew 28:19-20, raising Disciples of Christ and Future Christian Leaders who show COMPASSION to others as they preach the LOVE of God to all Mankind in order to draw many souls to SALVATION found in our LORD Christ Jesus.

To achieve her vision, we fulfill the GREATEST COMMISSION in Matthew 28:19-20 through ROUNDED and ESSENTIAL Mission Approaches ensuring that Holistic Community Development is attained throughout the World.
For each area of complete development approach of ALIM, the organization / Ministry lines with global goals to strive for community improvement that positions a release from spiritual and physical poverty of all people so to bring glory to the Creator of the universe by demonstrating commitment to the Lordship of Christ Jesus and choosing good healthy practices, exhibiting the motivation and skills to be economically self-supporting so as to interact with other people in a healthy, noble and compassionate manner.

Since the World is largely populated by people who are suffering from severe Spiritual and Physical poverty which only need God’s intervention through Christian Ministers of the gospel of all walks of life and Every Compassionate Person to alleviate the phenomena among both the Christians and non-Christian Communities. It is for this reason ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES through her divergent bodies of Alim Facilitating Arms i.e., ALIC, AMNET, ACDC, ACOD, ARCI and ALMED addresses the global issue of Spiritual and Physical Deficiency among Communities.
Our six (6) major Arms of the ministry (ALIM) is as shown below;

ALIM applies Pastoral Care and Discipleship, Biblical Counseling and Guidance, Evangelism / Integral Mission, Community Development on Capacity Building, Christian Ministerial Equipping, Charitable Works, Church Planting and Development, Human Capital Development / Capacity Building, Promote Vocational Education, Child Development Support, Leadership Development, Poverty Alleviation, Community Sensitization on Healthcare, and among others as we draw many souls to Christ Jesus while addressing both their Spiritual and Physical needs, thus Holistic Evolution.
NB: ALIM however is not limited only to the above-mentioned activities given its wide scope of operation.

In all what we do as an Organization / Ministry, we operate on the scriptural mandate found in; Mark 6:34, Acts 13:47 and Matthew 5:14 & 16. The scripture in Mark 6:34 show 1) people that are desperate without servant leaders and 2) the need for Christian servant leaders to merge up to do their rightful and divine role for which they are called for.

In the book of Acts 13:47, reminds Christians that they have been set as a LIGHT that has been commissioned to the World to shine in Darkness in order to draw many people attain the Light of Life that is found in CHRIST Jesus alone who is indeed “the LIGHT of the World” according to John 8:12, whereas Matthew 5:14 & 16 give the responsibility to Christians not to shy away rather to let their light shine that people around may see the good works and glorify the Father, but also attracting many people to the Light.

Comprehensively, ALIM is birthed out of a passion to reach out the World with the Gospel of COMPASSION in order to draw many souls to SALVATION of our LORD Jesus Christ and the ministry achieves its main objective through HOLISTIC and INTEGRAL mission approaches which help to reach out to Advocate, Educate, Sensitize, Build and Develop communities around the globe in a holistic performance.

“Let your Light Shine Brighter”

We are dedicated to network the World with the Glory of God’s divine Presence and turn the heart of mankind back to God.

Our motto is got from the book of Matthew 5:16 that says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven”. NKJ

According to the Bible, we are to let our light shine for several reasons: 1) That people around our surrounding may see our good works and glorify the Father, and 2) That other people may also come to the Light. (Matthew 5:14&16)

• Building healthy and God honoring relationships.
• Practice a courageous life of all devotion to Christ Jesus.
• The Bible is God’s Life – changing message of truth to all people.
• Christian believers should be characterized by unity and compassion.
• Christian believers should communicate Gods truth in a relevant and holistic way.
• In consistent life-long spiritual growth, following Christ means a life of service to others.
• We practice INTEGRITY and encourage ACCOUNTABILITY in every aspect of life.
• We practice biblical STEWARDSHIP with our time, talents and treasure.

We (ALIM) contend that the World is beyond bemoaning the past for its problems. The task of undoing that past is on the shoulders of true disciples (followers of Christ) and Christian leaders with the support of those willing to join in a robust World renewal for the glory of God. This is why the Lord Yahweh (GOD) has pre-destined us to be the LIGHT to all believing and non-believing people groups (WORLD) so as to bring SALVATION that is in Christ Jesus to the ends of the earth, Acts 13:47.
We therefore call upon everyone to join us in the spiritual and physical struggle to liberate the suffering and the lost souls from snares of the devil hence to bring them in to God’s Fabulous Light.