Alim Royal Christian Institute

Raising a Generation of Theologically Sound Christian Ministers

We are the world’s best leading in Holistic Ministration of equipping men and women in Christian Ministry hence raising a Transitional Christian Leaders who in turn bring holistic development in the body of Christ, Communities and Nation at large.

The heartbeat of ALIM ROYAL CHRISTIAN INSTITUTE (ARCI) is to capacitate God’s people to serve the Church and Communities as we fulfill the Great Commission Worldwide.

Our holistic approach provides a unique opportunity to expand a great impact in making Sound Christian Theological trainings available to the greatest number of people. The programs we offer are immensely helpful to any individual or groups of people who desire to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and their Service in a Community or in any given Christian Organization and in a Church setting.

Our Core Competencies
With our confession in mind, we emphasize the five core competencies deposited in our student’s carrier through vigorous learning and hands-on capabilities at the end of the course as shown below:
Spiritual Formation
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an authentically Christian way of life, manifested by Trust in God, Obedience to Christ’s commands, and Love of God and neighbor.
Biblical Exposition
Demonstrate the ability to properly and effectively Interpret, Apply, and Communicate the scripture.
• Theological Integration
Demonstrate the ability to Understand and Apply the Doctrines of Christianity to life and ministry.
• Ministry Preparation
Demonstrate the Knowledge, Skills, and Christian disposition necessary for ministry and leadership in the Church and the World.
• Critical Thinking and Communication
Demonstrate the ability to Think critically, argue persuasively, and Communicate clearly.

The ARCI students are also privileged to be equipped with additional skills during the course of their studies i.e., Spiritual Formation, Character Development, Human resource development, administrative Skills, Basic English, Project planning and Management, Marketing Skills, Theological Integration, Leadership Development, Financial Skills, Polemics and Apologetic Skills, Computer Literacy, Critical Thinking and Communication.

Our Certificate Programs
• Certificate of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
• Certificate in Computer Science
• Certificate of Arts in Biblical Counseling
• Certificate of Arts in Creative Arts
• Certificate of Arts in Biblical Studies
• Certificate of Arts in Youth and Children Ministry

Our Classes Include;
• Easy registration
• No hidden costs

Application Instruction
 The application fee of 15,000 Uganda shillings or $4.24 USD is mandatory and payable before starting the course.
 Attach two passport sized photos and a recommendation letter from your Pastor or Church Elder with a copy of your Academic Documents.
 In your application form, there is Provision of filling in your Personal Information, your Church Background Information, ticking a Certificate program of choice and Applicant’s Signature.

Program Cost Breakdown
• Course Duration = Twelve Month (One Year)
• Tuition Fees = 290,000 UGX ($82.00USD)
• Functioning Fee = 340,000 UGX ($96.14USD) and these include the expenses of:
a) Course Handouts / Books @100,000/= ($28.28USD)
b) Meals @240,000/=($67.87USD)
c) Accommodation Optional

NOTE: All fees are payable at ARCI finance office or deposited on our rightful account numbers and make sure that you are given a receipt.

Come. Take Class. Learn. Serve


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