Alim Royal Christian Institute

ALIM is obligated to train Christian Servant Ministers from all corners of the world. Our focus however is much concentrated on all Christian Church Ministers of different levels to attain the theological training and professional skills. Therefore, ARCI trains Theology and Professional skills hence to develop human capital and empowerment of servant leaders to be financially self-reliant by the wealthy knowledge they attain.

The Christian ministers who are eligible to acquire our theological training from ARCI ranges from Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, Worship teams, Gospel musicians, Writers, Actors and Actresses, Dancers, Ushers, Church administrators, Treasurers and among others.

The goal is to enable sound doctrine and professionalism in defending the gospel truths with its realities which is been violated today by many false teachers of the gospel. In addition, with polemics and apologetic skills, the trained minister will be able to draw many souls to Christ which is the focal point of ALIM.