Alim Light Media

ALIM through ALMED is mandated to establish and operate (1) a data base for Alim Facilitating Arms, (2) an electrical media system of T.V, Radio, Social media platforms, (3) publication press and others to broad cast programs of ALIM for Spiritual and Community Development.
We believe that for the gospel to catch up with the growing world population, Radio, TV and Social media platforms outreach is important.
ALMED provides modern Scientific and technical services to Alim Facilitating Arms (AFAs) in different fields so as to tap modern technology for advancement of our holistic development.

ALMED designs, prints and publishes books, pamphlets, curriculums, magazines. Calendars, Stickers, leaflets, periodical, posters, newsletters, brochures, letterheads and among any other literature at a low cost hence to facilitate ALIM’s Objectives of All-inclusive Development.
The Ministry also publishes and distributes free monthly publication called Alim Life Witness.