Alim Light Church

In order for ALIM to be able to fulfill her objective of grooming Christian disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are establishing Local Community Churches in the names of ANCHOR OF LIGHT CHURCH (ALIC) and this is our home base from which all Christians are nurtured into spiritual maturity and later be sent out in order to make other disciples hence fulfilling the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

ALIM’s Church Plants

a. This is done through a robust network of active Evangelism through Cell Group Ministry where home cells in the families and neighborhoods of believers are established all over the city and its surroundings, towns and in villages.
b. Every member of ALIM is radically trained and discipled to host and lead a cell group and he or she is a soul winner.
c. We conduct Mandatory Discipleship and Training (MDT) that every new member who comes into the ministry will be taken through so that all they are grounded on the foundation of prayer and the ministry of the Word as true Disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ and also as soul winners.
d. We also conduct Mass Gospel Evangelism (MGE) i.e., Crusades, Door to door witnessing, Believers Conferences, Fellowships, Television and media outreaches, E-mail and Printed materials distributing as message tracts, also teaching and preaching through audio, CDs and DVDs.
e. We do publish and distribute free monthly publication called Alim Life Witness.
f. We also do church plants through our Discipleship Classes by the trained Missionaries from our Commissioning and Training Center (AMNET) – in collaboration with Elder of Missions and Discipleship.

ALIM’s Church Branches
a. We are engaged in Nationwide Planting of our Local Community Churches for ALIM in every City, Town and Community.
b. These Churches follow the same pattern of Cell Group Evangelism (CGE) as it is with the mother Church for purposes of uniformity of vision and rapid evangelism.
c. The Leadership of these Ministry Assemblies comes from the Mission Center (AMNET) and all other Churches that surrender their Ministry Leadership to ALIM are trained from our Mission Training Center (AMNET) – for Training and Missionary Outreach.

ALIM International Churches
a. We have the mandate to reach Every Nation under Heaven with The Gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus through our Church Planting Program to ensure Spiritual growth and Sustainability of the Missionary Work.
b. We also spread to all other cities and towns of those Nations our church plants using the Nationals of those Nations whom we will Disciple and train.