Arms Of Alim

We reach out with the Gospel of COMPASSION and draw many people to salvation through ROUNDED and INTEGRAL Mission Approaches by intensively sharing of The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in our six (6) major Facilitating Arms (AFAs) of ALIM as shown below;


In order for ALIM to be able to fulfill her objective of grooming Christian disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are establishing Local Community Churches in the names of ANCHOR OF LIGHT CHURCH (ALIC) and this is our home base from which all Christians are nurtured into spiritual maturity and later be sent out in order to make other disciples hence fulfilling the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

ALIM’s Church Plants
a. This is done through a robust network of active Evangelism through Cell Group Ministry where home cells in the families and neighborhoods of believers are established all over the city and its surroundings, towns and in villages.
b. Every member of ALIM is radically trained and discipled to host and lead a cell group and he or she is a soul winner.
c. We conduct Mandatory Discipleship and Training (MDT) that every new member who comes joins the ministry is taken through so that all they are grounded on the foundation of prayer and the ministry of the Word as true Disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ and also as soul winners.
d. We also conduct Mass Gospel Evangelism (MGE) i.e., Crusades, Door to door witnessing, Believers Conferences, Fellowships, Television and media outreaches, E-mail and Printed materials distributing as message tracts, also teaching and preaching through audio, CDs and DVDs.
e. We do publish and distribute free publication called Alim Life Witness.
f. We also do online Church by our trained Missionaries from our Commissioning and Training Center (AMNET) – in collaboration with Elder of Missions and Discipleship.

ALIM’s Church Branches
a. We are engaged in Nationwide Planting of our Local Community Churches for ALIM in every City, Town and Community.
b. These Churches follow the same pattern of Cell Group Evangelism (CGE) as it is with the mother Church for purposes of uniformity of vision and rapid evangelism.
c. The Leadership of these Ministry Assemblies comes from the Mission Center (AMNET) and all other Churches that surrender their Ministry Leadership to ALIM are trained from our Mission Training Center (AMNET) – for Training and Missionary Outreach.

ALIM International Churches
a. We have the mandate to reach Every Nation under Heaven with The Gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus through our Church Planting Program to ensure Spiritual growth and Sustainability of the Missionary Work.
b. We also spread to all other cities and towns of those Nations our church plants using the Nationals of those Nations whom we will Disciple and train. Read More


ANCHOR OF LIGHT MINISTRIES through her arm of AMNET achieves its objective missions within and out of the country boarders. This arm carries out integral missions and cross-cultural missionary journeys all over the World as per our reach. However, our missionaries are designed in a holistic missionary approach so that missions are contextualized in order to benefit the particular community of our contact and also, we are a Training and Commissioning Center for ALIM missionaries all over the world.

Among our other missionary activities, AMNET conducts Conferences, Bible Seminars, Gospel crusades, Door to door witnessing, e-mail and printed materials distributing as message tracts and also preaching through audio, CDs and DVDs.

The purpose of this arm is to glorify God by obeying the Great Commandment (Matthew 22: 36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20). Read More


ALIM strongly believes that children are of the same value just as adults are in the kingdom of God; therefore, it designed an arm of Alim Child Development Center (ACDC) in order to serve the children and youths with the aim of drawing them to Christ through the SALVATION of our Lord Jesus Christ. The categories of children ACDC do help are the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).

Our ACDC staffs do ensure an effective and efficient Child Development Programing; therefore, various programs are designed to facilitate all-inclusive child and youth development. ACDC works closely with the parents, government local councils and community local leaders to ensure the well-being and development of children in various communities are implemented.

ACDC fulfills its objectives through Child Evangelism, Discipleship, Advocacy, Sensitization, Education, promotion of Children Rights, Counseling and Guidance as well as Charitable works and providing the basic needs of children to OVCs.

We desire Several infrastructures to be developed so to ensure the safety of children and improve their livelihoods; among the social infrastructures, we need more schools, hospitals and recreation centers. Read More


ACOD is a community outreaching ministry responsible of championing all developmental activities through which communities are developed economically, physically, socially, and spiritually. Its main focus is to initiate and establish projects / programs that can facilitate and consolidate development in a particular community in order to solve various problems faced by the community members of any given locality of our community outreach ministry contact.

The aim is to holistically develop the communities as we preach the Gospel; and the channels through which our community developments are achieved is through skills training in farming, entrepreneurship, financial management and innovations. We do sensitization on different problems like disease control and prevention, nutrition, health related issues, laws, human rights, dangers of domestic violence and gender issues.

We also provide free Counseling and Guidance since people go through a lot of challenges that need counseling interventions and therefore, ALIM has an objective of restoring the sinful mankind into God’s perfect created being through biblical counseling, and this objective is achieved through the establishment of ACOD which also provides counseling programs for our communities as we do aim at: 1) Counsel to Guide and Comfort, 2) Confronting to rehabilitate and restore.

Among the several counseling services we provide are; Pre and Marital Counseling, Addictions and Obsessions’ Counseling, Trauma and Post Trauma Counseling, Career Guidance, Children and Youths Counseling, Entrepreneurial Guidance, Church Ministerial Related Guidance and other Gender Related Issues. Read More


ALIM is obligated to train Christian Servant Ministers from all corners of the world. Our focus however is much concentrated on all Christian Church Ministers of different levels to attain the theological training and professional skills. Therefore, ARCI trains Theology and Professional skills hence to develop human capital and empowerment of servant leaders to be financially self-reliant by the wealthy knowledge they attain.

The Christian ministers who are eligible to acquire our theological training from ARCI ranges from Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, Worship teams, Gospel musicians, Writers, Actors and Actresses, Dancers, Ushers, Church administrators, Treasurers and among others.

The goal is to enable sound doctrine and professionalism in defending the gospel truths with its realities which is been violated today by many false teachers of the gospel. In addition, with polemics and apologetic skills, the trained minister will be able to draw many souls to Christ which is the focal point of ALIM. Read More


ALIM through ALMED is mandated to establish and operate 1) a data base for Alim Facilitating Arms, 2) an electrical media system of T.V, Radio, Social media platforms, 3) publication press and others to broad cast programs of ALIM for Spiritual and Community Development.

We believe that for the gospel to catch up with the growing world population, Radio, TV and Social media platforms outreach is important.
ALMED provides modern Scientific and technical services to Alim Facilitating Arms (AFAs) in different fields so as to tap modern technology for advancement of our holistic development.

ALMED designs, prints and publishes books, pamphlets, curriculums, magazines. Calendars, Stickers, leaflets, periodical, posters, newsletters, brochures, letterheads and among any other literature at a low cost hence to facilitate ALIM’s Objectives of All-inclusive Development.
The Ministry also publishes and distributes free publication called Alim Life Witness. Read More