Alim Community Developers

ACOD is a community outreaching ministry responsible of championing all developmental activities through which communities are developed economically, physically, socially, and spiritually. Its main focus will be to initiate and establish projects / programs that can facilitate and consolidate development in a particular community in order to solve various problems faced by the community members of any given locality of our community outreach ministry contact.

This ministry puts much emphasis on training to capacitate individuals about the establishment of income generating enterprises so that poverty is eradicated from household level up to the national level.

The aim is to holistically develop the communities as we preach the Gospel; and the channels through which our community developments are achieved is through skills training in farming, entrepreneurship, financial management and innovations. We do sensitization on different problems like disease control and prevention, nutrition, health related issues, laws, human rights, dangers of domestic violence and gender issues.

We also provide free counseling and guidance since people go through a lot of challenges that need counseling interventions and therefore, ALIM has an objective of restoring the sinful mankind into God’s perfect created being through biblical counseling, and this objective is achieved through the establishment of ACOD which also provides counseling programs for communities and we do aim at: 1) Counsel to Guide and Comfort 2) Confronting to rehabilitate and restore.

Among the several counseling services we do rendered are; Pre and Marital Counseling, Addictions and Obsessions’ Counseling, Trauma and Post Trauma Counseling, Career Guidance, Children and Youths Counseling, Entrepreneurial Guidance, Church Ministerial Related Issues and other Gender Related Issues.