Alim Child Development Center

ALIM strongly believes that children are of the same value just as adults are in the kingdom of God; therefore, it designed an arm of Alim Child Development Center (ACDC) in order to serve the children and youths with the aim of drawing them to Christ through the SALVATION of our Lord Jesus Christ. The categories of children ACDC do help are the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).

Our ACDC staffs do ensure an effective and efficient Child Development Programing; therefore, various programs are designed to facilitate all-inclusive child and youth development. ACDC works closely with the parents, government local councils and community local leaders to ensure the well-being and development of children in various communities are implemented.

ACDC fulfills its objectives through child evangelism, discipleship, advocacy, sensitization, education, promotion of children rights, counseling and guidance as well as charitable works and providing the basic needs of children to OVCs.

We desire Several infrastructures to be developed so to ensure the safety of children and improve their livelihoods; among the social infrastructures, we need more schools, hospitals and recreation centers.