Alim Child Development Center

ACDC is for Children and Youths founded program under ALIM and whose major aim is to help disadvantaged children to get opportunity to live a happy life and utilize their potential God given skills and abilities through various venture.
The groups of people ACDC deal with include; orphaned children and children whose parents and guardians are totally poor and cannot afford to provide for them most basic needs in life, (Orphans and Vulnerable Children – OVC).
We believe that by providing some minimum Education, Healthcare, Social and Economic services to the disadvantaged children, they will acquire knowledge and skills that can help them to improve their livelihoods and be able to work towards their responsible and future sustainability.

We are concerned in rising a consecrated generation of Children and Youths who are maximizing their potential abilities through all service as future leader (Judges 13:4-5), and we do this by evangelizing and sensitizing communities in our integral mission approaches and not limited to only these shown below.

• To preach, teach Children and Youth on the way they should grow to become responsible future leaders.
• To promote sustainable development of a child by ensuring a safe and friendly environment at both home and school.
• To improve the wellbeing of a child through Medicare, Education, Shelter, Food and clothing to the vulnerable children.
• To equip teenagers with practical skills that they can startup future self-help businesses.
• To restore broken and struggling marriages of parents so as to facilitate a conducive environment for a child’s growth.
• To sensitize parents on various development issues and parenting concerns thus promote Godly parenting.
In Brief;
• Rescuing, Nurturing and Discipling Mothers and Their Babies of age from Prenatal – 4.
• Developing, Discipling and Equipping Children for Life of age 3 – 22.
• Training, Educating and Discipling Servant Leaders of Age 10+.

• Education
• Evangelizing
• Discipling Servant Leaders
• Home and Hospital visitation
• Health screening and treatment
• Prayer meetings
• Fellowships
• Child health screening
• Counseling and Rehabilitation
• Sensitizing and Advocacy
• Celebrations
• Sports activities
• Skills Development and Training

Core Values of ACDC:
a) Integrity
b) Hard work
c) Team Work
d) Love and Care
e) Time Management
f) Unity

• Conversion and Spiritual growth
• Improved livelihoods
• Good parenting Skills
• Creation of awareness
• Increased mortality rate of both mother and child

• The parent(s) or caregiver of a child has to be with a proven history that his or her child is indeed in need of help i.e., proof that one is destitute, needy and wanting is provided for.
• The parent(s) or caregiver of a child affirm that they are willing to be attending to all the projects meetings and programs that pertains the development of their child whenever they are call upon.
• For a married parent or caregiver whose spouse or partner is still leaving, he or she gives consent at the entrance of the program to avoid future inconveniences.
• The parent(s) or caregiver who stays with his or her spouse has to come along with his or her partner to the projects’ meetings and fellowships once called for.
• The parent(s) or caregiver of a child is mandated to send their registered child to the Center (ACDC) without fail unless there is a serious condition.
• In case the parent(s) or caregiver of a child is to shift from one place of residence to another, he or she first reports a month before or earlier before the actual day of shifting.
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Your support provides:
• Medical checkups, which often save lives
• Nutritious food
• Health and hygiene training
• Educational assistance

• Access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief
Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
• Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

When you sponsor a child, you’ll receive your child’s photo, personal story and a child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 10 days.